I opened my Etsy marketing and graphic design business ‘The Buzz”  in November 2008.  I had gotten my start on Etsy a few years earlier with a hugely successful graphic design shop and later a fabric supply shop. While running both of my shops, I would find myself advising other Etsy shop owners on how to set up their shops or optimize their listings on an almost daily basis. Finally, I decided to open an Etsy shop that would help other Etsy shop owners to cultivate their own success.  I was the very FIRST business to offer marketing tools on Etsy and remained #1 in the Zines & Magazines category, due to the success of my best-selling “The Etsy Kit”, for many years.

Over the course of almost a decade, I met and worked with artisans from all over the world in countries like Russia, Poland, Hungary, France, the UK and even the USA amongst many others. I loved nothing more than helping these businesses find their own paths to success that would uplift their lives and help their families. As I headed towards 12,000 sales, I was prepared to continue the momentum with my Etsy shop for many years to come.

However, tragedy struck, when my newborn daughter Sameh passed away a few hours after her birth. It was the hardest loss of my life and I ended up putting my shop on hold indefinitely. I was blessed in that many of my clients that learned about my story began sharing their own stories of loss and it was these very people that helped me to heal. I reopened ‘The Buzz’ for a short while but ultimately knew that I needed a fresh start.

I also wanted to open up my custom marketing business to a much larger audience which includes not only Etsy shop owners, but also retail website owners, Amazon business owners and the list just goes on and on!

I created ‘FlyChick Solutions’ as a one-stop resource for anyone seeking to sell online or even in the retail marketplace.

With a background in marketing and journalism, I have combined the best of two worlds to bring you the ULTIMATE in marketing tools and custom content creation. I have a proven track record of success and an endless stream of testimonials from past clients, some that have been working with me for the past several years.

There are no cheap gimmicks here. No smoke and mirrors. Just proven business tools that will set you on the fast track to success!

I am also a professional journalist and have been published in newspapers and magazines in the USA, Kuwait, UAE, UK, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Canada.

Some of my past clients include LiveStrong.com, e-How.com and Tyra Bank’s website TypeF.com