“One of Etsy’s unsung heroes. After being laid off from my job, I turned to FlyChick Solutions to help me increase exposure and sales for my etsy shop. I was blown away not only by Heather’s advice, but the care she showed me in a most difficult situation. After only a couple of months, my sales are up 45% compared to last year!”


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“Oh, where to start… I was hoping for a “don’t hold anything back” critique and that’s what I got! She told me what I was doing right 🙂 and then followed up with lots of ideas for things that needed change. Not just “her ideas” but reasons WHY they need to be done differently. And not just “why” but HOW to do them. This critique has really changed how I look at my shop, keywords, advertising, banner, photography, etc. Thank you Heather!”


“Thank you so much Heather! Your advice is wonderful and I thank you in advance for my increased sales 🙂 You have a fantastic product!”